RECOVERY AND REBUILDING - Water and Wastewater

Access to clean water and functioning wastewater facilities is often taken for granted in the United States, and disruption of these services due to natural disaster creates significant post-disaster impacts.  Flooding and drought, among other natural hazards and climate-change-influenced events, often devastate these critical  facilities, with dire consequences for human health.

GZA’s scientists and engineers have a great deal of experience with water and wastewater facilities, and the firm provides Natural Hazard Mitigation and Resilience services , including:

  • Hazard Vulnerability Assessment
  • Climate Change Assessment
  • Site and Portfolio Hazard Risk Analysis
  • Natural Hazard Mitigation Planning
  • Flood Mitigation Engineering and Design
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Emergency Response Training
  • Mitigation Construction Management
  • Systems Analysis
  • Loss Estimation
  • Water Budget Analysis
  • Reservoir Design
  • Asset Management