Career Development

GZA’s success is a direct result of the strength and commitment of our staff.  We understand that to continue to succeed, not only do we need to attract the best and the brightest, but we need to provide our employees the training, mentoring and tools so that we can provide high quality service to our clients while also helping our employees to grow professionally.  

To accomplish this, we have developed a progressive staff development program.  This program includes:

  • Weekly professional seminars that are broadcast across the company.  These seminars are taught by either in-house or outside experts and provide an excellent forum for employees to gain added skills not only in their discipline but across the spectrum of GZA’s service areas. These training sessions are recorded and are available to review on an ongoing basis.
  • Mentoring.  As a professional services firm, we understand that a strong mentoring program is the foundation of a successful staff development program.  Mentoring is a core value at GZA and is a reflection of the values Don Goldberg and Bill Zoino instilled in the Company 50 years ago. Every new employee is assigned a mentor when they start work whose job it is to help the new employee become better acclimated to GZA.  After that, people can receive mentoring in a variety of areas, from technical to management to personal development.
  • Skills development training. As an employee’s career advances at GZA, his/her role within the Company also changes - requiring different skills.  We provide periodic programs in project management, risk management, business development and leadership to help our employees gain those skills.
  • Continuing education.  We support our employees who are looking to advance their careers at GZA through education.  Many of our employees take advantage of this support to get advanced degrees, broaden their skills in either their chosen or a related field and/or obtain professional registration/ licensure
  • Feedback.  We all need feedback, whether it be a positive note for a job well done or constructive feedback on what could have been done better.  GZA employs a year-round on-line 360 review process that promotes real-time and continuous feedback and a formal annual review where performance is evaluated and both short-term and long-term career goals are developed.
  • In-house technical conference.  On an annual basis, most of our employees congregate at a corporate retreat for a weekend of information sharing that provides an excellent platform for internal networking, cross-training and the synergistic sharing of ideas.  READ MORE>
  • Outside conferences.  As a leading provider of services in our industry, GZA is an active participant in many technical conferences.  We support employee attendance and promote their active participation.
  • Fun.  We encourage fun and understand the importance of achieving work-life balance.  We have found that typically, those who enjoy this balance are often very effective employees.