Stephanie Fowler

Engineer I

“My experience at GZA has been a high point in my life.  I have been able to develop my career and travel across the country.  The senior staff invests a considerable amount of time making sure that project goals and objectives are communicated well so that we can be proud that our projects meet and exceed expectations.  Although I spend time honing new skills, project management keeps their ears open to ideas and suggestions that I have to improve our services.  As soon as I become comfortable with one type of project or skill, GZA challenges me with new projects and new aspects of the business.  This has allowed me to advance my position.  I am very thankful that I work in an atmosphere amongst professionals, where trust and flexibility is a measure of merit.” 

Livonia, Michigan
B.S., Michigan Technological University, 2008
Employeed with GZA for 4 Years