Electric Transmission and Distribution

Power represents GZA’s largest market sector. GZA’s electric transmission and distribution (T&D) experience includes hundreds of T&D facilities and linear projects. 

The T&D facilities include electric substations, switchyards, HVDC converter stations, and generating stations located at waterfront, former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP), energized yards, and greenfield sites.  GZA’s T&D linear projects include hundreds of circuit miles of overhead and underground conductor projects up to 345kV located along urban and remote right-of-ways.

Whether the services are performed on a barge, at a construction site, or at a remote location, the protection of health and safety (H&S) on a GZA project is paramount. H&S is a top priority within the training, planning, and execution of every GZA T&D project. Industry trends and lessons learned are shared throughout GZA to improve GZA’s H&S procedures and reinforce GZA’s H&S culture.

From permitting, geotechnical design, and environmental assessment through the construction, remediation, and foundations, GZA’s goal remains the same: evaluate risks, manage uncertainty, reduce costs, and safely meet your project schedule. GZA can support the design team by evaluating environmental impacts and regulatory compliance strategies. Through application of scientific and engineering principles, we seek practical permitting, engineering and construction solutions to your problems.