The industrial and manufacturing sectors in the United States have been the focus of governmental environmental compliance legislation since the early 1970s.

Regulatory pressures to manage solid and hazardous waste, air emissions, and wastewater from production processes have not only improved the quality of our environment but somewhat unexpectedly have contributed to increased productivity and profitability for many manufacturers. While economic globalization has forced many traditional industrial sectors to relocate operations outside the United States, some industrial manufacturers have embraced the notion of sustainability, representing the progression beyond environmental regulatory compliance to “eco-efficient” initiatives such as energy efficiency, pollution prevention, and proactive environmental risk management.

Over the last three decades, GZA has assisted its industrial clients with this transition. Our service offerings have evolved as a direct result of the manufacturing sector’s needs. Beginning with traditional regulatory compliance services that include permitting, response/prevention plan development, control/treatment system design and installation, training, etc. to management system development and implementation, compliance auditing, and renewable energy project regulatory planning and permitting, GZA has provided the industrial manufacturing sector with the necessary skills, guidance, and expertise to assist our clients in achieving the goal of consistent compliance and/or the quest for sustainability.

GZA offers diverse engineering and technical services to the industrial manufacturing sector including geotechnical engineering in support of building expansion, due diligence services associated with acquisitions and divestiture, enforcement defense, occupational health and safety, industrial hygiene, site/civil engineering, property condition assessments, expert witness services and environmental contamination investigation/restoration.