Mining & Aggregate

GZA provides geologic, hydrogeologic, environmental and engineering services to a variety of mining industries.

Our clients are involved with the extraction of metallic minerals, non-metallic minerals, and aggregate using surface and underground mining methods. Our services also includes work at former mining sites where environmental concerns associated with storage tanks, contaminated fill and groundwater were addressed.

GZA provides planning, implementation, and documentation of scientific and engineering services and support to our clients in public and private presentations to local, state, and national regulatory, political and quasi-public and private public interest groups. These presentations range from informal tours and oral presentations to formal presentations at public meetings and expert testimony at hearings and trials.

Geologic services include remote and field research and exploratory investigations to characterize local geology, structural geology and hydrogeology; collect and evaluate data to support reserve estimates; development of conceptual and computer hydrogeologic models to describe and predict groundwater interactions; and mine planning. Field activities include detailed soil and rock core logging, in-situ testing of hydrogeologic parameters, surface and subsurface geophysical investigations and surface and subsurface field mapping of geologic formations and structural features.