Solid Waste

From initial selection to site characterization, design, and permitting, through construction and operations, and eventually facility closure, GZA provides full-service responsiveness to the solid waste management community.

GZA draws on and integrates our environmental science services, geotechnical and civil engineering design capabilities, and regulatory compliance expertise to offer innovative, pragmatic, and tailored solutions to the complex challenges faced by the highly regulated solid waste industry. Because of our broad range and depth of technical specialties and decades of experience, GZA offers advantages to our solid waste management clients.

For over 30 years, GZA has provided solid waste-related services that have aided commercial, industrial, and municipal clients in the successful design, permitting, operation, and closure of a wide range of solid waste management facilities. These include new and expanded private/municipal, incinerator ash, industrial, and hazardous waste landfills; transfer stations; recycling, processing, and composting facilities; and waste-to-energy and landfill-gas-to-energy plants. Our thorough understanding of the myriad regulatory requirements and protocols, as well as the design, permitting, operation, and eventual closure of these facilities provides us with the necessary context in which to develop and execute relevant studies and effective designs.

GZA has earned prominence by providing permitting, design, and closure services that satisfy the complex regulatory requirements and limit short- and long-term liability for facility owners/operators, while achieving substantial operational capacity. Our focus is on practical engineering solutions that not only meet our clients' needs, but are also cost-effective and environmentally sound. GZA also has extensive practical experience managing, coordinating, and executing the daily tasks associated with solid waste management facility operations, site engineering and planning, environmental compliance, and safety. We have a thorough knowledge of the regulations and have developed strong working relationships with EPA and state regulators. Our objective is to proactively manage tasks and develop solutions that comply with applicable regulations in a manner that considers short- and long-term operational cost (active, closure, and post-closure), and maximizes operational capacity. GZA’s range and depth of technical specialties and decades of experience have also been invaluable to owners, regulators, and constructors who are faced with those unanticipated issues that can arise during the life of a solid waste facility.

See Solid Waste Related Services section for details about key services GZA provides to the solid waste industry.