Award-Winning Remediation to Recreation Project Woodbridge, IL

The Village of Woodridge and the Woodridge Park District planned to redevelop a strip mall, adjacent to a park, into an Athletic Recreational Center. Huff & Huff (H&H), a subsidiary of GZA was tasked with remediating the site on a tight timeline to keep construction on schedule. H&H utilized its license from NASA for Emulsified Zero-Valent Iron, or EZVI, to cost-effectively remediate the site in situ.  EZVI destroys chlorinated solvents using micro-scale iron in a water-in-oil emulsion.

Due to the tight project schedule, remediation was begun in January of 2015, and chlorinated solvents were reduced to below remedial objectives in under 8 months. Utilizing EZVI to remediate the site saved the client $921,000 over disposing the impacted material as hazardous waste. Disposal would also have required over 80 truck trips to a disposal facility in Michigan; avoiding these trips saved approximately 85 tons of greenhouse gas emissions and 7,500 gallons of fuel.

This project has received an Engineering Excellence Honor Award from ACEC Illinois for its innovative and effective approach to remediation that maintained the Client’s construction schedule, while also creating a significant cost savings.