Biodiversity, Habitat and Rare Species Assessment

GZA has skilled experts to provide clients with habitat, natural community assessments, flora and fauna surveys, rare species surveys, wildlife management plans and habitat restoration/mitigation designs.

With GZA’s technical expertise in benthic and terrestrial invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, fisheries, aquatic invertebrates (e.g., freshwater mussels), birds, bats, mammals, and plants, GZA can also provide specific habitat assessments for individual species of concern as well as corresponding permitting, and habitat management planning.  GZA has experts in many unique natural communities including rich mesic forests, sandplain grasslands, tallgrass prairies, dolomite prairies, oak savannas, vernal pools, heathlands, as well as freshwater and marine aquatic environments.  Our personnel include credentialed practitioners who have been approved by various state and federal agencies for investigation of various faunal and floral groups.

Typical services include:

  • Aquatic, Wetland and Upland Habitat Assessments
  • Vernal Pool Assessments
  • Natural Community ID, Sampling & Mapping
  • Habitat Management & Planning
  • Conservation Planning
  • Advanced Bird Community Survey Techniques
  • Mist Net Sampling
  • Aquatic Invertebrate Sampling
  • Lepidopteran Surveys
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys
  • Rare Plant Surveys
  • Botanical Inventories
  • Rare Plant Management
  • Wetland Planting Plans
  • Invasive Species Surveys & Management
  • Habitat Restoration & Protection Planning
  • Vegetation Management Planning