Charitable, Non-Profit and Religious Organizations

GZA has many years of experience representing a wide variety of charitable, non-profit and religious organizations and we understand the unique needs specific to supporting these organizations. 

GZA provides non-profit and religious organizations our full range of services including geotechnical and environmental services, building hazard assessments, remediation, asbestos, lead, storage tank services, and development of environmental management systems. GZA can also assist these organizations with understanding the myriad environmental and compliance regulations and how a non-profit client may be impacted by those regulations.

We have a long history of providing professional engineering services to charitable, non-profit and religious organizations. Accordingly, we are well-suited to meeting the unique demands of these in a responsive and caring manner.  GZA’s strength is in our ability to adapt our approach with a customized scope of services that allows our non-profit and religious clients to meet the financial needs of a particular or on-going project and enables them to continue their important mission without undue interruption.