Ecological Restoration Design

GZA's ecological scientists and planners provide small to large scale ecological restoration in various marine, freshwater and terrestrial habitats.

GZA ecological scientists and planners provide small to large scale ecological restoration in various marine, freshwater, and terrestrial habitats.  We have advanced our concepts and designs over the past several decades and provided leadership in these areas of applied science and regulation.  GZA has an extensive staff of natural resource scientists, environmental engineers, and hydrologists, all of which provide expertise important to ecological restoration.  GZA ecological restoration projects include:

  • Lakes Restoration
  • Stream And Bank Restoration
  • Riparian Habitat Restoration
  • Vernal Pool Restoration
  • Salt Marsh And Coastal Bank Restoration
  • Wetlands Restoration And Enhancement
  • Forest Management And Reforestation
  • Rare Species Habitat Restoration
  • Reclamation Of Surface Mining Area
  • Ecological Restoration Of Urban Landscapes
  • Sandplain Grassland Restoration. 

Specific restoration services for these habitats have included:

  • Restoration of lepidopteran, herpetile and avian habitat;
  • Revegetation with habitat beneficial and protected plant species
  • Invasive Species Control
  • Nuisance Wildlife Control Planning;
  • Vegetation Management Plans
  • Trail Condition Assessment & Design
  • Conservation Management Planning
  • Reforestation/Afforestation
  • Limnological Evaluation and Restoration Design
  • Invasive Species and Vegetation Control Plans
  • Dredging Feasibility Studies
  • Dam Studies/Removal/Modification/Connectivity
  • Wetland Restoration/Creation Design
  • Stream Analysis/Design and Riparian/Floodplain Restoration Design
  • Watershed Analysis & Planning

Developing specifications and plans for soils, plantings, invasive species control, aquatic and wildlife habitat enhancement, eco-landscaping, and adaptive management have been important aspects for many of these projects.  We have performed this work at all phases of the projects, from initial conceptual design, through preliminary and final design, and during construction, as well as providing multi-year post-construction monitoring/observation, with proposals for remedial activities. For flood or erosion prone areas, GZA routinely provides flood and scour modeling as part of its analysis leading to appropriately protective site design, focusing upon living shoreline and bioengineering types of approaches, where appropriate.