Environmental and Demolition Services, The Salvation Army KROC Center - Dorchester, MA

GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. (GZA) was retained to perform design and demolition activities associated with the complete demolition and removal of an existing 21,000-square-foot industrial building, 9,500-square-foot industrial building, and six multi-family apartment buildings in Dorchester, Massachusetts. The work was performed on a firm fixed price basis with an accelerated schedule.

Work included performing a demolition level asbestos and hazardous materials survey.  GZA performed inventory and management of salvageable materials within all the buildings. 

Work included removal and characterization of hazardous materials remaining in the buildings, removal of asbestos-containing materials, and demolition and processing of all building materials including removal of foundations and footings.  Following demolition, the former basement and foundation areas were backfilled with imported fill, graded, and compacted.  Work also included excavation, removal, and disposal of three underground solvent and gasoline tanks and one No. 6 oil tank located in a below grade vault.  Contaminated soil associated with releases from the tanks was excavated and disposed of off-site.  Approximately 180 tons of lead-impacted soil were also excavated and disposed of off-site. 

GZA also provided geotechnical and environmental services for this state-of-the-art community center subsequently constructed by The Salvation Army.  Services included subsurface explorations and a preliminary geotechnical report.  GZA conducted additional explorations, analyses and a final report.  GZA also conducted a Phase I environmental site assessment and performed additional services under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan.