Environmental Site Assessment and Investigation

Environmental Assessment and Investigations are critical to property transactions and successful remediation. 

Among the first to apply a true engineering approach to the investigation and remediation of contaminated sites, GZA has been building on its geotechnical expertise to solve contaminant fate and transport problems since the 1970’s. Over the years and after working on more than 60 EPA U.S. Superfund sites, we have developed a keen appreciation for the inherent uncertainties encountered below ground.  With more than 50,000  site assessments and investigations throughout the U.S. and Canada , GZA is the firm to whom clients turn for technical support through all phases of environmental due diligence, site investigation, and remediation.

Environmental site assessments and investigations are critical to property transactions, site remediation efforts, infrastructure projects, and brownfield redevelopment projects.  Environmental due diligence requires timely and strategic assessment of the environmental conditions of a property or portfolio to assess liabilities and inform negotiations.  Complex transactional provisions, including environmental liability allocation, require clear, concise, and meaningful reports that address the specific environmental risks associated with a particular transaction.   The depth and breadth of GZA’s in-house resources allow us to consistently provide the expertise and skill necessary to solve the multi-faceted challenges our Clients face, whether for a transactional ESA, a state-regulated cleanup effort, or an EPA Superfund investigation. 

GZA offers a full range of assessment and investigation services to manage risks, including:

  • Transaction Management Services: Phase I Environmental Site Assessments; Property Condition Assessments; Phase II Environmental Investigations; Hazardous Material Investigations/Inventories (HMI); Transaction Screens;  and Third Party Reviews; Remedy Screens and Cost Estimates.
  • Contaminated Site Investigations:  Hydrogeologic and Biogeochemical Site Investigations; Remedial Investigations; High Resolution Site Characterization; TRIAD Investigations; Wetland and Sediment Investigations; Hydrogeologic and Biogeochemical Modeling; Environmental Data Management; Human Health and Environmental Risk Assessments; and 3D Visualization.
  • Vapor Intrusion Assessments/Investigation:  Vapor Encroachment Assessments; Vapor Intrusion Investigations;  Soil Gas Sampling (including subslab); Indoor Air Sampling; Field Gas Chromatograph Sampling; Vapor Intrusion Modeling; Vapor Mitigation Pilot Testing; and Subslab Depressurization System (SSDS) and Vapor Barrier Design.
  • Risk Assessments:  Baseline Ecological Evaluations; Ecological Risk Assessments; Exposure Assessments; Human Health Risk Assessments; Toxicological Assessments;
  • Brownfield Services:  Environmental Due Diligence/Transaction Support; Environmental Risk/Liability Evaluation; Site Investigation; Remedial Design and Implementation; Decontamination/Decommissioning; Demolition; Geotechnical Design; and Construction Management

When looking for a partner to proactively address your sub-surface environmental needs, choose an industry pioneer. Choose GZA.