Environmental Stewardship

There are opportunities for environmental stewardship in the choices we make every single day.

GZA challenges each one of its employees to act as caretakers of the environment. We view them as opportunities for improving efficiency, engaging in problem-solving, and sustaining clean water, clean air and other natural resources.

First and foremost, GZA actively demonstrates a consistent and compelling message of environmental stewardship in the types of services we provide to our clients. For example, both our Environmental and Ecological Divisions provide various services that protect and improve environmental quality. When we provide these services on behalf of our client, we are sending a message that we care about the environment and we are doing something to conserve and protect it or educate people about it.

We have identified and implemented practical solutions to minimize the impact on the natural environment and in the communities where we serve. In general, our core services focus on:

  • AIR: Sustain clean and healthy air by testing and monitoring
  • ECOSYSTEMS: Protect and restore ecosystems functions
  • ENERGY: Provide services that generate clean energy and use it efficiently
  • LAND: Support ecologically sensitive land management and development projects
  • MATERIALS: Use and/or reuse materials carefully and shift to environmentally preferable materials
  • WATER: Sustain water resources to ensure quality and availability for desired uses
  • COMMUNITY: Support charitable events and volunteerism opportunities for our employees.

COMMITMENT- GZA also demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship through our own operations and purchasing decisions, such as using recyclable products and recycling.  Our employees are fully engaged and highly committed to this mission.

EDUCATION - GZA is continually building knowledge, recognizing and sharing best practices.

Our informational resources increase public awareness about how others can adopt stewardship practices.

CONTINUE TO BUILD NETWORKS AND PARTNERSHIPS - By definition, “stewardship” means taking responsibility for individual action. However, the real value of stewardship comes when the benefits of those individual actions are magnified many times over. Our employees are active in associations and groups that support environmental initiatives and share stewardship interests.

SUPPORT OUR CLIENTS- GZA supports and engages its clients interested in pursuing environmental stewardship and sustainability strategies.

GZA has always been committed to giving back to the communities where we live and work. We will continue to support multiple charitable giving programs at the local level in each of our offices as part of our Corporate Giving and Sustainability Strategy. As part of that strategy, we want to continue further support and empower our employees to participate more in the giving experience. This Program provides support to employees who want to volunteer their time to causes that are near and dear to them. Our intent is that through this Program, employees will be able to make a personal connection to those in need and have a genuine impact on their local communities, the nation and even the world. Succeeding with such a Program makes a very strong statement to our employees and to the outside world that “This is who we are”.


GZA recognizes the benefit to employees interacting with each other outside of the normal work environment as part of team building. Additionally, GZA encourages efforts to provide service to the communities where GZA has offices. Therefore, on an annual basis, GZA offices (and corporate staff) are encouraged to organize a charitable event(s) where GZA personnel and their families are provided the opportunity to work together to improve the community.

Examples of annual charitable events would include (but are not limited to):

  • Disaster Clean-up/Recovery Funds
  • River clean-ups,
  • Working in local food pantries and soup kitchens,
  • Mentoring at local schools,
  • Habitat for Humanity build projects,
  • Junior Achievement programs,
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs, etc.


GZA allocates funds every year towards giving-back by funding engineering and science projects that conserve, preserve, and protect natural resources and impact on a wider scale to support sustainability.  The program is meant to have a broader impact and be a reflection of the firm’s sense of responsibility and commitment to its employees and to causes larger than the Company. The range of projects have included educational programs focused on environmental issues in schools to across the globe in Africa where we designed a system to provide clean water supply to a rural village.