Erosion and Sedimentation Control Design and Compliance Monitoring

GZA has an experienced and credentialed staff of Civil Engineers, Hydrologists, Erosion Control Specialists and Environmental Scientists that are well-versed in handling the erosion and sedimentation control needs on project sites from design implementation to follow-up compliance monitoring.

GZA’s multidisciplinary professionals possesses extensive experience with all aspects of Erosion and Sedimentation Control Management, applicable Stormwater Regulations, and Natural Resources issues to effectively address any related stormwater needs.  GZA often provides innovative solutions and approaches to site runoff by incorporating updated best management practices (BMPs), often in combination with upgrades to traditional engineered BMPs, to improve stormwater and erosion management in a cost effective manner on sites.

GZA can assist with early phase site constraint analysis by conducting Vulnerability Evaluations to identify, quantify, and prioritize erosion and sedimentation control vulnerabilities and opportunities, including exposure to existing and anticipated stormwater regulatory requirements.  On occasion, results also have led to sites pursuing and obtaining approval for no-exposure certification for exclusion from NPDES Permitting.  In general, GZA works proactively with our clients to identify vulnerabilities before a potential regulatory inspection, notice of violation and/or enforcement action to save the client time and money.