Invasive Species Management

GZA’s team of ecologists, biologists, and natural resource management personnel have been actively engaged with invasive species problems for over 2 decades, using our extensive expertise in botany and aquatic/wildlife ecology to address emerging issues as they affect client projects. 

This work occurs in both aquatic and terrestrial environments and has dealt with plant and invertebrate invasive species that threaten our ecological landscape.  This work has occurred on small and large landscape level projects.  Projects have included various phases of work: 

  • Identification & Mapping of Invasive Plants and Pests
  • Vulnerability Assessments (determine the likelihood of invasive by various plant and animal pests)
  • Evaluation of Alternative Biological, Physical, Chemical Controls including competitive planting, insect control of invasive plants (e.g., Galerucella beetle rearing and release) physical removal, pheromone trapping, physical removal, and tailored chemical treatments
  • Project Planning with Vegetation Management Plans and Invasive Species Control Plans
  • Project permitting with invasive species management
  • Hands-on treatment – including volunteer activities
  • Monitoring of site control efficacy & Adaptive Management