Landfill Design

Drawing on our extensive experience in civil, geotechnical and hydrological/hydraulic engineering projects, GZA incorporates these disciplines in providing well-defined landfill designs.

We have over 30 years’ experience in developing designs utilizing earthen and geosynthetic materials. Our design teams have long-term experience in the construction oversight of landfill and other heavy civil construction projects to give proper perspective in developing a complete, well-defined design package.

We utilize 3-dimensional ACAD design to:

1. Ensure that all landfill layer components properly fit together and tie-in to surrounding conditions, properly allowing for access roads and stormwater drainage structures.

2. Attain accurate earthwork and other landfill component quantities to allow client to properly budget for planned construction, and minimize end-of-project extra costs that often occur with 2-D design plans.

3. Provide the construction contractor and certifying surveyor with computerized 3-D Triangular Integrated Network (TIN) surfaces for construction of the multiple layers of a landfill cell floor. This information is provided to bidding contractors for accurate quantity checks to obtain reliable like-comparison bid costs, the construction contractor for upload into GPS-controlled construction equipment, and for certification by the project surveyor. 

Our plan designs coordinate properly with technical specifications, QA/QC Plan, and bid item descriptions to properly define the work, and gain like-comparison contractor bids.