"Moving Forward"

I really like this phrase and the image it conveys.  I use it frequently in my communications with our employees.

I suspect many of you like it as well, regardless of the business you’re in or where you’re at in your professional life.  It’s fundamentally positive, and conveys improvement, continual attainment of new goals – and change.

We know our clients are always moving forward.  We see it in so many ways – creating something new, improving a property, improving a facility, improving an operation, improving a process, improving management of their risks.  It probably isn’t an overstatement to say that our clients’ success is in large part a result of their commitment to ongoing change, improvement and attainment of goals.

I see this with our people as well.  They are very committed to constant improvement in how they serve our clients and how they develop their technical and managerial skills.  They continually strive to make a greater impact and take on greater responsibility.

And certainly anyone looking at our page for the first time may have found us because they are looking to move forward in one way or another – seeking a consultant or seeking a place of employment or just seeking to know more about the types of things we do.

But I think we all recognize that anything that involves change is never easy.  It involves giving up something familiar for something new, for the next challenge.  

We recently have moved forward in two significant ways that I wanted to share with you.

The first is the promotion of thirteen people to the position of Associate Principal.  At GZA, this is perhaps the biggest step one can make career-wise and represents an individual’s development as a leader with respect to client relationships, staff oversight and project management.  These promotions reflect the depth and strength of our staff, and are critical to our future.  And this is the largest group we have promoted in the same year in the history of our company.  Click HERE to see a list of all GZA's recent promotions.

The second is the successful execution of transition at a number of key senior management positions.  This transition is part of our Strategic Plan and was originally conceived almost four years ago.  We executed it at the beginning of September as part of our vision and commitment to generational transition.  In accomplishing this, we elevated next generation leaders to key positions of responsibility and took the most proactive approach we’ve ever taken towards succession.  

These changes didn’t just happen.  We had to work hard at it.  And probably all of us had some degree of discomfort in executing it.  But it was the right thing.  And I see proof of it every day.

And I’m sure, whether you are a client, a prospective client, or a prospective employee, you are constantly dealing with change as well.  My advice would be to embrace it.  It may feel a little strange at the beginning, but it is the only way to truly move forward.  

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your interest in GZA.

Bill Hadge