Natural Resource Permitting

Using its natural resource expertise in terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems on the full range of client projects, GZA’s scientists, planners and engineers can proactively identify environmental constraints and help to craft an efficient critical path through the regulatory and permitting maze. 

GZA works with state and federal regulators on a daily basis and is well versed in the complex milieu of natural resource laws, regulations and policies; but we also are aware of the nuanced ways that these regulations and policies are implemented in the various agencies by their staff.  We creatively help the design team avoid and reduce environmental impacts. For those unavoidable impacts, GZA is well versed in the creative design of mitigation strategies that have a proven track record of balancing the needs of both clients and regulators, allowing the projects to move forward efficiently and cost-effectively.  The range of permitting and permitting activities at local, State and/or Federal levels include:

  • NEPA and State Environmental Impact Review Permit/Processing
  • NPDES Discharge  and Stormwater Permitting (see also Erosion and Sedimentation Control page)
  • Wetlands Permitting (local and state-specific permitting; Army Corps of Engineers Section 404 permitting and Section 401 Water Quality Certification)
  • Rare Species & Wildlife Permitting and Permit Coordination (state Natural Heritage agencies and U.S. Fish & Wildlife coordination)
  • Freshwater and Marine Dredging and Dredged Material Disposal Permitting
  • Section 316(b) Permitting (fish impingement and entrainment)
  • Utility Siting Permitting (various states)
  • FERC Natural Gas and Hydropower Licensing and Permitting
  • Floodplain Activity Permitting; Flood Control Structure Modification Permitting
  • Compliance Observation/Reporting and Certification
  • Peer Review Permitting Services