Rare Species Permitting, Turners Falls Municipal Airport - Turners Falls, Massachusetts

As part of a Conservation & Management Permit for a runway extension project at Turners Falls Airport, GZA conducted rare species surveys for grasshopper sparrow, box turtle and several plant and lepidoptera species. Working with Gale Associates, GZA then used the results of those surveys to provide the basis for permitting and mitigation planning for the airport.  Part of this permit included the creation of a long-term Habitat Management Plan to maintain habitat for grasshopper sparrow, the frosted elfin and several moth species. 

  • Airport had 41 potential rare species identified by regulators
  • Initial review narrowed the list to 26
  • GZA Surveys further reduced to 7 rare species
  • Developed and Permitted Habitat Management Plan
  • Runway expansion permitted and under construction
  • Implemented creative habitat creation solutions, involving community vocational high school