Real Estate

As a pragmatic, high-quality, and responsive project partner, GZA’s Real Estate Client Sector focuses on it’s clients’ real property investments.

We actively support development, and possess the technical capabilities for guiding our clients through the due diligence, site development, and regulatory processes.  Focusing on human health and the environment, we are retained early in the site-development process to assess real property, provide guidance and recommendations, and consult on next steps, often advocating to regulatory agencies on our clients’ behalf. Most importantly, we provide our clients with needed data and information to effect educated decisions to manage their risk. From Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, to remedial investigations, to construction management, GZA provides solutions-oriented recommendations to advance site development. With principal-level review and oversight on every project, we are prepared to address on-site and off-site impacts that pose challenges to site development. When choosing an advocate for your real-property needs, look to the firm with seasoned specialists who understand the technical and regulatory aspects of your business. Choose GZA.

Real Estate clients include:

  • Financial Institutions and Private Lenders
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Insurance Companies
  • Developers
  • Real Estate Attorneys