Repair and Rehabilitation of a Former Navy Pier

GZA provided engineering services for the rehabilitation of the waterfront facilities for a 3,160-acre multimodal industrial and commercial business park located within a prominent and active bay. At 250-feet wide and 1200-feet long, the former Navy Pier constructed in the early 1950’s is currently used for berthing Roll on/Roll off vehicle transport vessels and as a staging area for the import of passenger cars. GZA prepared the design studies and engineering documents for the waterfront repairs and improvements, and completed a value engineering study to evaluate options for upgrading the fender system. It also prepared the plans, details, specifications and cost estimates for structural repairs to the concrete deck and pile caps, replacement of deteriorated timber framing, repair and replacement of timber foundation piles, and installation of a new fender system including associated structural improvements. This project enabled the client to extend the life and accommodate an alternate use for the structure.