Rock Slope Characterization, Stability Assessment and Rock Fall Mitigation

GZA understands the risk that unstable soil and rock slopes can present to constructed facilities. At-risk slopes frequently abut critical railroad lines, highways, bridges, buildings and industrial facilities.  We help owners and designers evaluate the risk of potential rock fall, and design mitigation alternatives to stabilize the rock slope or to reliably catch the fallen rock without impacting the critical facilities. 

Field Investigations for Rock Slopes

  • Field Mapping of Bedrock Discontinuities
  • Rope-Access Trained Engineers
  • Test Boring and Rock Coring
  • Borehole Geophysics Including Acoustic and Optical Televiewer Surveys
  • Integration of Electronic Data Collection and Processing
  • LiDAR Survey of Rock Slopes and Monitoring At-Risk Slopes 

Engineering Design and Mitigation

  • Direct Processing of LiDAR Survey Data via SplitFX
  • Evaluate Stability of Rock Slope
  • CRSP Rockfall Catchment Analysis
  • Kinematic Analysis of Potential Failures
  • Slope Stabilization Design
  • Rockfall Mitigation Design
  • Slope Drainage Design
  • Movement Monitoring