Site Remediation

GZA offers our clients the full range of Environmental Remediation Services.   We pride ourselves on delivering client focused, solutions driven remediation projects that often begin with our unique ability to tailor our investigation/assessment phase activities with the ultimate remedial goals in mind.  This approach leads to practical, cost effective and timely remedial implementation.  

Our capabilities cover remediation projects from initiation through project closure and include remedial investigations, human health and ecological risk assessment, feasibility study and design,  construction and operation/maintenance of  in-situ and ex-situ remedial systems, and remediation construction management. Our combination of strong remediation technical  capabilities and our pragmatic approach results in delivery of remediation projects that save our clients time and money while reducing their liabilities. 

A hallmark of GZA’s work is our desire to consistently provide our clients with the “best” solution to their technical problems.  We understand and tailor our remediation services to provide this “best” solution considering and balancing many competing factors including cost, acceptability to the regulators and community, technical feasibility and implementation risks. 

Commitment to Safety
With all of our projects, GZA understands and takes the approach that any measure of project success begins and ends with safety.  This is oftentimes particularly critical to the success of a remediation project.  Ensuring the health and safety of all project team members and the community is a GZA Core Value that we demonstrate everyday through our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS)  programs and our culture. 

Services Tailored to Client Needs
GZA offers flexible approaches to remediation tailored to our clients’ needs. We can provide turnkey, design-build services, from investigation through closure, or we can provide specialized services for one or more specific aspects of a project. For a distinct phase of the remediation process, we can function as the engineer to select and design the appropriate solution or as the general contractor to implement the design of others. We perform the work using a range of contracting mechanisms, including guaranteed performance for a fixed price under our unique Contract to Closure program. Under this program, we provide guaranteed pricing through regulatory closure.

Unbiased Approach Leads to Optimal Remedies
GZA maintains no proprietary interest in any technology and has no permanent affiliations with off-site disposal facilities, thus, we are not limited to any one approach. We recommend the approach that best fits our client’s needs, taking into account relevant technical issues and regulatory requirements for the current and future use of the site. We utilize a full-range of remedial technologies from the traditional (i.e., excavation and containment remedies) to the more innovative (i.e.. phytoremediation, in-situ thermal treatment).

Construction Management
Environmental remediation depends not only on solid technical skills to develop the optimal approach, but also on strong project and construction management skills to implement the solution. We have professionals with extensive experience in managing remedial construction efforts.  Our experience covers the full spectrum of approaches from traditional engineer of record, construction management, and general contracting.   GZA’s seasoned construction managers  schedule tasks, monitor progress, and control costs to help keep projects on time and on budget.

GZA offers an array of services including:

Site Remediation:  Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Studies; Remedial Design and Implementation; Facility Decommissioning/Demolition; In-Situ Groundwater Remediation; In-Situ Soil Remediation; Federal Superfund Investigation and Remediation; Environmental Liability / Cost Evaluations; Green Remediation

Biogeochemical Based Remediation:  Hydrogeologic and Biogeochemical  Site Assessment; Monitored Natural Attenuation; Enhanced Aerobic In-Situ Bioremediation; In-Situ Reductive Dechlorination; In-Situ Chemical Oxidation; Zero-Valent Iron Injections

Contract to Closure:  Guaranteed Fixed Priced Remediation; Environmental Liability Transfer; Remedial Risk Modeling;

MGP Remediation:  Liability Assessments and Risk Management Programs; Site Investigation and Remediation; Remedial Design; Construction Management Services; AirLogics / Perimeter Air Monitoring; Expert Testimony; Program Support; Historical Research