Soil Slope Analysis and Stabilization Design

GZA’s experienced geotechnical engineers have planned and completed subsurface investigations and laboratory and insitu testing to gather the needed data for a wide variety of unstable slope settings from high mountain ridges to deep river valleys and steep ocean-front and even underwater sites. 

Using well-equipped and experienced drilling subcontractors, we access challenging drilling locations including steep slopes, unstable ground and over water.  GZA’s engineers use a full range of range of analytical techniques to assess the risk of slope failure including:

  • Infinite slope and approximate chart-based solutions
  • Computer-based analysis of circular arc, block and complex failure geometries
  • Finite element analysis for complex geometry, structural interaction, and seepage

Once it is established that a slope is unstable, GZA develops alternatives for stabilization in order to identify the balance of risk and cost that safely meets the clients goals:

  • Regrading to reduce loading or enhance counterweight effects
  • Use of high-strength geotextiles, lightweight fill, stone columns or piles
  • Retaining structures
  • Ground anchors