Subsurface Investigations

Comprehensive subsurface investigation is essential to characterize the ground that will support constructed facilities.

A high quality, site specific, exploration program can enhance geotechnical design and reduce the Owner’s risk associated with unanticipated ground conditions, or overdesign.
As a result of our more than 50 years of practice, GZA has the expertise to match subsurface investigation techniques to project requirements, including: test borings from land or over water, rock coring, test pits, cone penetration test soundings, and surface and down-hole geophysics to evaluate ground conditions. In-situ testing methods include packer testing in rock, permeability testing in soil, vane shear testing in cohesive soils, and pressuremeter testing for evaluation of soil modulus.
GZA works as a team with our exploration subcontractors to solve project specific issues of access for explorations, even those located indoors, on soft or uneven ground, in remote areas, and over water.