Water Quality Assessment and Planning

GZA provides water resources related services to communities throughout the entire GZA footprint of offices, providing water quality sampling, testing, field assessment, evaluation, and mitigation planning/design. 

Our staff of water resource scientists and engineers that can provide your projects with expertise in limnology, marine science, fluvial dynamics, water quality testing and assessment, and watershed management.  We routinely design and provide water quality monitoring for our projects and develop water quality management plans for project sites, or as part of watershed protection plans and lake/stream restoration projects.  We are experienced in the use, design, permitting and implementation of innovative water quality mitigation measures including engineering BMPs and biology-based systems such as rain gardens, floating wetlands, and living shorelines.  Our personnel have the training and hands-on experience to plan and conduct surface water sampling and analysis. 

GZA is experienced in providing Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) services, often as part of NPDES Phase II MS4 Permitting. GZA has conducted outfall reconnaissance inventories as part of our field sampling and compliance efforts.  We are also experience with deploying and maintaining automatic sampling and analytical mechanisms for our projects with data uploading features.  Complementing the above-described technical capabilities, our in-house Toxicity Laboratory provides Whole Effluent Toxicity testing of wastewater and effluent samples from industrial and municipal sources.  GZA professionals also routinely participate in municipal and community educational programs for water quality management.