Wetland and Stream Restoration, Golf Course Renovation - Massachusetts

GZA was contracted by a golf course Owner who was hit with enforcement actions by state and federal agencies after off-site sediment discharges and complaints by a neighboring property owner resulted in inspections onsite and the determination that the Owner had numerous Wetlands Protection Act and Clean Water Act violations.  Violations included the unauthorized filling of wetland resources and culverting of existing streams, and numerous on- and off-site sedimentation impacts.  The site Owner approached GZA to assist with returning the property to compliance, allowing the large-scale golf course renovation project to continue. 

When GZA became involved, active construction was occurring and over 60 acres of land were disturbed, with challenging onsite conditions such as steep slopes, fine-grained soils, groundwater seeps, and bedrock.  There were no plans describing existing conditions or proposed construction work, and no permits or approvals had been sought by the Owner. 

GZA subsequently served multiple roles throughout the project, including, (1) assisting the Owner and staff with understanding the regulatory requirements, existing violations, and the likely path to compliance; (2) providing technical expertise to address agency concerns, including documentation of onsite wetlands and drainage patterns, quantification of impacts, collection of data necessary to develop mitigation designs, preparation of plans and specifications for mitigation, preparation of an effective sediment and erosion control (S&EC) program and construction SWPPP, and site inspections and guidance necessary to implement the S&EC program and SWPPP; and (3) functioning as the intermediary between the Owner and the enforcing agencies to negotiate a Mitigation/Restoration Plan acceptable to all parties.
Major corrective actions included the restoration and replacement of multiple wetland areas and habitat types and the daylighting and restoration of culvertized streams.  GZA designed the mitigation and restoration components for the site, which included approximately 1,000 LF of new daylighted stream and 50,000 SF of wetland restoration areas.