Wetland Delineation, Assessment and Design

GZA has experienced wetland scientists that can assist your projects where wetland identification, assessment, and mitigation is needed and has extensive experience designing, implementing and doing compliance monitoring for new replacement wetlands or enhancing existing disturbed wetland resources, to assist in the regulatory compliance requirements for client projects. 

GZA wetland scientists include nationally credentialed Professional Wetland Scientists and Certified Professional Soil Scientists, as well as having state credentials, where required.  GZA wetland experience also extends to freshwater and marine wetland settings, as well as specialized wetland habitats such as vernal pools, salt marshes, calcareous fens, bogs, riparian and floodplain wetlands, shrub carrs, and pocosins.

GZA has designed and constructed numerous successful freshwater and marine wetland creation and enhancement sites, with some in existence for over 20 years.  Systems include forested swamps, shrub/scrub swamps, vernal pools, riparian wetlands, wet meadows and salt marsh.  GZA also has expertise in stream creation and restoration as part of wetland mitigation projects.