Yankee Stadium Project, Bronx Terminal Market Park Mitigation - New York

GZA, working as a subconsultant, was contracted by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) on several elements of the demolition of Yankee Stadium, the construction of the new stadium, and the environmental analysis and permitting for the development of new riverfront parkland.  The Bronx Terminal Market Park was an important environmental mitigation requirement that offset the use of McComb’s Park for the location of the new stadium as part of the overall project.  GZA, with Stantec, provided the NYCEDC with hazardous waste environmental assessment, environmental permitting, coastal wetland enhancement and planting plans, and implementation services; Living shoreline design; geotechnical investigation; coastal wetlands and habitat assessment and permitting; “Essential Fish Habitat Determination”; Stormwater Permitting; and general coordination with the regulatory agencies during the extended permitting process.  The work of GZA helped keep the project within the necessary construction timelines, allowing the scheduled use of the new facilities for the New York Yankees.