COVID-19 Response Resource Center

COVID-19 presents some extraordinary circumstances across our country and industry. GZA’s Pandemic Preparedness Team has assembled a list of useful resources and services to consult as you develop your response. 

At GZA, our goal is to help you navigate the challenges of COVID-19, providing resources and services to

support on-going operations safely and help you maximize recovery. 

Deep Cleaning and Disinfection

GZA's industrial hygiene and project management expertise allows facilities to be cleaned and reopened quickly once shelter-in-place orders have been lifted.

GZA is able to provide validated cleaning to virus impacted areas, ranging from a basic maintenance cleaning of high-touch areas to areas occupied by someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Our national COVID-19 response team, guided by a unique combination of epidemiologists, hazardous materials specialists, certified industrial hygienists, and toxicologists will supervise and direct the cleaning and application of disinfectants, using our vetted partners from the industrial cleaning industry.

  • Protocols for decontamination
  • Surface testing for cleaning effectiveness
  • Continuity planning
  • Industrial hygiene training
  • Workplace observation and enforcement
  • Industrial hygiene project management
  • Optimization for future disease control
Massachusetts Construction Site Compliance Services

Massachusetts COVID-19 Order No. 13, revised and extended on March 31, 2020, establishes new health and safety compliance requirements for public works sites and guidelines for towns and cities, who are empowered to apply these requirements to all construction sites. 

GZA’s team of EHS Professionals, Regulatory Specialists, and Public Health Experts assist Project Owners and Contractors with compliance with COVID-19 construction site guidelines and procedures, including Planning, Training and Education, and On-Site Services. 

GZA serves as third-party private inspectors on behalf of cities and towns, including site-specific risk analysis, review of HASPs and Safety Plans, site inspections, documentation, and project shutdown advisory services.

Cove Point site construction

  • Planning
  • Training and education
  • On-site services
  • Site-specific risk analysis
  • Site inspection
  • Project shutdown advisory services
Cost Recovery

State and federal public assistance programs are allowing municipalities to recover costs related to COVID-19.

The recovery process is complex and often overwhelming. Our experienced team will guide you through the process, to ensure maximum recovery of associated costs.

  • FEMA funding support
  • Municipal program support
  • Grant writing and documentation
Project QuickStart

GZA’s Project QuickStart provides an expedited pathway to project kickoff.  Accelerating the planning, engineering, and bidding phases so that projects commence quicker than the conventional pre-construction approach. 

We provide offerings within five major markets of service: Construction Management, Environment, Geotechnical, Ecology, and Water. Projects of these types with limited complexity and routine scopes are a best fit for Project QuickStart. GZA professionals apply their deep understanding of typical projects based on the information you have available now and use flexible implementation options to quickly adjust project parameters when more information is available.



Reopening Facilities

Are you wrestling with the challenges of re-opening your facility or business amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

Recognizing that each facility is different, GZA can help you customize a reopening plan to help your business satisfy OSHA’s recent guidance on workplace preparation and response to COVID-19 (OSHA 3990-03 2020) calibrated to your business or space, including infection prevention and response planning and building and facility systems and infrastructure restart. 

  • Risk level evaluation 
  • Infection prevention measures design and implementation 
  • Workplace policy design and communication 
  • Engineering controls design and implementation 
  • Contingency planning
  • HVAC system restart
  • Visual assessment and documentation of mold and microbial growth
  • Water system flushing and quality check 
  • Process system and utility restart