Emergency Response

Whether it is a natural or man-made disaster, GZA has the multidisciplinary resources to assemble a high-level response team to meet clients' emergency needs.  

We have deployed on behalf of our clients to numerous emergency situations, providing: –engineering and dam safety experts in the case of  dam breach and failure following severe storm events; environmental consulting for health, safety and industrial hygiene at a large manufacturing plant following a propane line explosion; post-hurricane  infrastructure and building  assessment conducted by FEMA-trained structural specialist ; engineering response to a slope failure along a heavily traveled turnpike system; and industrial hygiene services to address mercury spills at hospitals, research facilities, manufacturing plants and labs.  These are just a few of the many emergency events to which GZA's professional teams have responded.

Additionally, we help our clients prepare for disasters and other unexpected events by creating Emergency Response or Action Plans.  Major components of these plans include detailed procedures for emergency identification, repair, notification and evacuation.  GZA staff is well-versed in the application of the latest computer simulation and modeling software used to perform complex and dynamic modeling - especially useful in dam breach simulation and floodwave routing; storm and weather-related flooding impacts simulation; and resiliency planning.

Our team of engineers, scientists, industrial hygiene specialists, and ecological specialists provide immediate on-site response for any occurrence that affects the health and safety of the public, workers and the environment-at large.