Finding An Unlikely Rainbow At A Job Site

Remediating a site involves digging into its history as well as its soil, and both have its surprises. A great example was this find at a former industrial site. As you can see, when we broke open...


A New Space For Astoria

The Rowan, one of Astoria's first luxury condominium developments, also features one of New York City's first automated parking garages. Read more from the DDC Journal starting on page 83


Bringing Life To A Dormant Site

The Bridge Point 78 development , with substantial geotechnical work by GZA, is discussed in DDC Journal's Fall 2019 issue , starting on page 10.


"Pollinators In Peril" - State of Change Podcast

Pollinators are among the most important animals on the planet. A massive portion of the Earth's plants rely on them to be able to reproduce and continue as a species. Development and climate change...


"Park Cast" by the IAPD, Episode 7

IAPD Director of Communications & Digital Content Wayne Utterback talks with GZA's Jay Womack , one of the recipients of the IAPD's Outstanding Citizen Volunteer of the Year Award, about nature,...