In Memoriam - Walter ("Doc") Jaworski, Sc.D., P.E.


To Our Clients, Peers, and Friends,

GZA lost one of its most important and influential leaders on Saturday, September 3, 2016 as Dr. Walter E. Jaworski passed away after an extended period of illness.  Thankfully, he was surrounded by his family who were always such a huge part of his life.

He had been struggling with a number of health issues over the past three years, but continually amazed us with his determination and resilience.  Even in the past few weeks, he was in great spirits though physically restricted in many ways.  And in spite of his medical issues, none of us expected him to leave us this soon.

Walt’s association with GZA goes back to our very beginning in November 1964, as a student at Northeastern University, helping Don Goldberg with some laboratory testing for one of GZA’s first projects .  Over time, he became a uniquely loved and admired figure.  He was a nationally, if not internationally, renowned geotechnical engineer.  He was an educator.  He was an outstanding consultant.  And to many young and not-so-young engineers, he was their mentor.

No one’s word ever carried the weight that Walt’s did when it came to analyzing a problem or reviewing someone else’s work.  No one was sought out as frequently as Walt was when a project wasn’t going quite right.  And no one helped more people develop as engineers than Walt did.

I cannot do him justice in this brief letter.  Suffice it to say that Walt was a giant at GZA and in the geotechnical engineering world.  He will be impossible to replace.  But his impact on GZA will live on in the many people he taught, helped and cared about.

Bill Hadge, CEO