Health & Safety


GZA cares about our employees, and shows that commitment by striving to provide a safe and healthful place to work. 

Our health and safety program has been redesigned to conform to the OHSAS 18001 framework.  That means that safety is fully integrated into our operations and managed according to an internationally-accepted management system approach.  Results of these efforts are noticeable, as shown in the graph above.  Most importantly, it means that fewer and fewer employees at GZA get hurt or sick on the job, and that our culture is a safe culture.

In 2015, GZA implemented a People-Based Safety approach throughout our operations.  This program is meant to supplement our already-existing systems by helping our employees confront the hundreds of things that happen every day that could impact their safety. 

GZA employees practice People-Based Safety by S.L.A.M.S: Stopping and Looking for risks, Analyzing what they see, Managing the risk, and Sharing what they’ve learned with their colleagues.  Part of our approach includes recognizing employees and our contractors who go over-and-above in terms of safety, and we do this through our S.L.A.M. Dunk employee safety incentive program.

GZA has long-standing memberships in several global resources that connect Clients with safe suppliers, and place priority on maintaining our safety programs to meet or exceed requirements of those systems.  We consistently maintain grades of “A” or “Green” with our Clients in these systems.  They include BROWZ, ISNetworld, and PICS, among others.