What is Proactive by Design?

Proactive by Design is a statement that captures GZA’s approach to bringing value to our Clients. It is our commitment to each other and to our Clients.

This means we are committed to:

  • Reaching out to understand our Clients’ needs, objectives, schedule and constraints;
  • Always being accessible and returning phone calls and emails promptly;
  • Establishing a plan for communication so there will be no surprises;
  • Developing creative and innovative alternatives that offer our Clients options;
  • Actively participating in trade organizations that expand our skills  and allow a better understanding of our Clients’ business;
  • Investing in technology that facilitates better technical solutions and communication; and Integrating leading-edge technologies into projects as practical.


What does Proactive by Design mean to you?
For the most critical elements of your project, our Proactive approach means we will keep you up-to-date on work status and will strive to contact you before you have to contact us. Key project options, especially relating to risk, will be brought up before work begins, so problems are either avoided completely or are mitigated by early detection and informed decision-making.  And we will take a forward-thinking “ownership” perspective toward your project alongside you and your team until the entire job is done.

Our world-class expertise, combined with a firm culture for being Proactive by Design, is why so many clients say we’re not only easy to work with, but that their projects were noticeably more manageable and cost efficient.


What Our Clients Say:

"GZA was very proactive in developing the needed in-country contacts for subcontracting on the site investigations and surveying GE had requested.  At the outset of the project, we had anticipated a very aggressive schedule which required short-cycle turnaround on proposals and quotations.  When GE questioned some of the costs, GZA proactively looked at other subcontractors to try and bring costs down."  Philip Rhodes, General Electric Power Systems

"The response from all the individuals associated with the project was exceptional.  It required working extended hours and weekends and those expectations were met without hesitation.  There was a high degree of cooperation between the GZA team and the Vermont Yankee team in coming up with a shoring system that met both design and installation requirements.  Both installation and the removal/backfill activities were completed with only one minor "glitch" that couldn't be anticipated.  The Vermont Yankee team is extremely appreciative of the efforts extended by the GZA team."  Michael O'Brien, Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc.

"This project has been a work in progress for many years and we have successfully completed many phases of the work. Conditions have changed during this period but all new challenges that have come up including the two most recent ones have been met with new plans to reach solutions. This site presents some very complex issues with the existing ground conditions but your team has never backed away from the challenge. As conditions changed GZA has adapted and has constantly strived to come up with the most cost effective solution to remedy the problem and not to forget to mention having a great working relationship with the NH-DES. Having the patience to explain in detail until I completely understand the scope of the work is a challenge in its own." Rick Russell, Town of Salem, NH