Construction Field Control & Monitoring

GZA understands our clients' needs, and we provide a sensible scope of testing and professional quality assurance/quality control to enhance the overall value of a project.

We work closely with Owners, Contractors, Developers, Architects, and Specialty Subcontractors to monitor and document foundation construction for adherence to the project plans and specifications and our recommendations.

Services include:

  • Soil density testing (Nuclear Density Moisture Testing) and fill monitoring during earthwork, engineered fill, and slope stabilization operations
  • Construction control testing for footings and bearing capacity
  • Deep Foundation Installation Monitoring:  Driven Piles, Caissons, Drilled Mini-Piles, Pressure Injected Footings, Auger Cast Piles, Pile Load Testing
  • Earth Retention System Monitoring:  Soldier Piles, Sheeting, Slurry Walls, Tie-backs, Helical Anchors, Geo-membrane Walls, Inclinometer Installation and Monitoring
  • Ground Modification Control:  Deep Dynamic Compaction, Vibro-compaction, Compaction Grouting; Rammed Aggregate Piers, Jet Grouting
  • Geotechnical and Environmental Laboratory Testing
  • Concrete Field Testing:  ACI Certified, Standard Tests for sampling fresh concrete, measuring slump, air content, and temperature of concrete

Our staff of engineers, geologists and technicians are experienced in construction quality control testing and are focused on our clients’ needs. We want your project to be a success and strive to provide attentive and responsive customer service knowing that, when it comes to construction, proactive communications, attention to details and adapting solutions to unforeseen field conditions during the construction phase, are essential for completing projects successfully.  Doing the right things right, and at the right time, helps us to achieve compliance with the quality of work specifications within your schedule and budget.