Air Quality and Permitting

Many of the nation’s most significant environmental regulations have been adopted in response to growing national and international concerns about air quality impacts.

GZA is recognized as an industry leader in air quality consulting, permitting and engineering services. We have the experience necessary to plan effective air compliance and permitting strategies, complete both Title V and New Source Review permit applications, perform air quality impact analyses, and conduct air pollution control technology evaluations - as well as successfully negotiate with regulatory agencies. Applying a strong regulatory background, GZA staff closely monitor regulatory changes proposed and implemented by state and federal agencies to advise you about how your business will be affected.

Most air quality issues deal with compliance with standards, or permit terms and conditions.  When faced with decisions that involve expensive emission controls or demonstrating the impacts of pollutants on air quality, GZA engineers and scientists are well‐versed in selecting effective solutions.  GZA strives to minimize both emissions and impacts, yet provide your business with operational flexibility while minimizing cost and energy consumption. 

GZA’s air quality/permitting consulting services include:

  • Source characterization/emission inventories.
  • Air permitting (Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD), Non-Attainment New Source Review (NNSR), and Title V Permits).
  • Regulatory analysis/compliance strategy and implementation.
  • Control technology performance and cost assessments (SOx, NOx, VOC, HAPs).
  • Traditional air dispersion modeling; Indirect source and secondary impact permitting