Design and Repair of Waterfront and Marine Structures

The planning, design, construction and repair of marine structures require a variety of specialized engineering services.

Owners and designers of marine facilities face significant challenges due to a wide range of structural types, severe environmental conditions, and rapid degradation of materials. GZA draws from its lengthy experience and a vast supply of resources to accurately design and maintain structures in a marine environment. 

The design process requires determining environmental and operational loads for various risk levels, applying loads and structure functions to the design, and preparing final design and construction documents that meet the clients’ objectives in a cost effective and resilient manner.  

Performing a comprehensive and accurate condition assessment, which includes above- and below-water engineering and material condition surveys, is critical to the planning and design process for repairs and maintenance. During this process, destructive and non-destructive testing can be performed on timber, concrete and steel structures with photographic and video verification. GZA’s specially trained staff inspects bulkheads, piers and wharves, dry docks and other marine facilities.