Geothermal System Design

Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) systems, also known as geothermal systems, are “green,” sustainable, energy-efficient options for building heating, cooling and hot water production.

Although initial installation may be more costly than traditional boilers/chillers, energy savings of up to 40 % typically offset this cost in just a few years. GZA provides a combination of geotechnical and environmental expertise in support of the study, budgeting, design, permitting and construction of GSHP systems, including:

  • Site-specific feasibility studies
  • Preliminary economic analysis of the costs and benefits of a GSHP system
  • Conceptual system design
  • Site investigation and testing
  • Pumping and/or thermal tests to characterize formation for design
  • Water quality testing and permitting
  • Estimation of system installation costs
  • Bid support services
  • Construction phase documentation and owners representative services