Emergency Action Planning

Major dam failures over the past three decades have increased public awareness about the hazards of dams.

Enormous potential energy contained in the waters of large reservoirs can cause extensive loss of life and property. Recent countrywide experiences have shown that a small dam breach can have catastrophic consequences. Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) are necessary to help respond to emergency situations associated with a sudden, rapid and uncontrolled release of water. EAPs set forth the basic procedures, duties, and responsibilities to be implemented by dam owners, operators, and key public safety personnel in the event of dam failure.

The major components of an EAP include detailed procedures for emergency identification, repair, notification, and evacuation. A challenging element of this work is the dam breach simulation and floodwave routing, which are vital to the development of Inundation Maps. GZA's staff of engineers and hydrologists is well versed in the application of the latest computer simulation software, DAMBRK, used to perform complex and dynamic modeling. GZA has extensive experience producing CAD and GIS derived color Inundation Maps.