Recovery and Rebuilding

Many and varied market sectors are affected and/or involved in the recovery and rebuilding after a natural disaster -- GZA has the sector-specific expertise and experience to assist with these efforts.

The market sectors typically include the following.  Click below to see how we can address your particular needs:

More frequent, more intense and longer-lasting storms cause heavier spring rain in central US

Intense storms have become more frequent and longer-lasting in the Great Plains and Midwest in the last 35 years. What has fueled these storms? The temperature difference between the Southern Great Plains and the Atlantic Ocean produces winds that carry moisture from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Plains, according to a recent study.

Climate change will drive stronger, smaller storms in U.S., new modeling approach forecasts

The effects of climate change will likely cause smaller but stronger storms in the United States, according to a new framework for modeling storm behavior. Though storm intensity is expected to increase over today’s levels, the predicted reduction in storm size may alleviate some fears of widespread severe flooding in the future.


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