Celebrating 60 Years of Excellence

GZA proudly commemorates our 60th anniversary, a milestone that stands as a testament to our steadfast commitment to innovation, client service, and creating an exceptional workplace for our employees.

Six decades ago, Donald Goldberg and William Zoino started a firm based on the beliefs that if you provide quality engineering and science services, operate with integrity, and create a collegial environment where you care for your employees and they feel empowered to develop innovative solutions for their clients, the firm will be successful. They were right. Along with a reputation for excellence that has been developed and expanded through our involvement in many of the nation's most significant geotechnical, environmental, ecological, and water projects, this forward-thinking approach has fueled our growth from a small firm in Massachusetts to a national consulting firm with over 750 employees in 32 offices.

As a 100% employee-owned company, when you work with GZA, you are working with the owners. As we’ve grown, we have maintained a culture focused on delivering superior results and have the broad resources needed to help our clients address their most demanding challenges. We operate under the principles of One Company – which means that there is a free flow of knowledge and support amongst our employees and practices. We provide every client access to our extensive knowledge and experience base, regardless of project location or technical requirements, for an experience that is uniquely GZA.  Our clients also know that GZA strives to reduce both their project risks and costs to deliver excellent value through a strong understanding of the entire project life cycle.

As we celebrate our 60th anniversary, we extend sincere gratitude to our clients who entrust us with their most critical projects, our employees whose dedication propels us forward, and the many partners who have supported our growth through the decades. GZA remains committed to upholding our founders' guiding principles as we embrace new frontiers in the years ahead.


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