GZA routinely assists our clients with diverse assignments ranging from small residential subdivisions to large multi-unit housing projects, and a variety of commercial, institutional, transportation and water resources projects.

Our engineering staff works closely with our environmental assessment and ecological groups, providing an in-house team which ensures that our engineering designs are responsive to site environmental and regulatory realities. We strive to deliver environmentally-sensitive, cost-effective designs which meet our client’s needs and are accepted by regulatory authorities in a timely manner.


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Buildings & Real Estate Development
Site Design Services

We are able to provide our clients with virtually all the engineering and environmental services necessary for successful site planning and land development. Our staff is experienced in preliminary planning and analysis, alternative design development, definitive roadway design and geometric layout, site utilities design, construction cost estimating, project financial analyses, environmental permitting, landscape architecture, and construction monitoring. From the initial site planning and layout through the completion of construction, our staff integrates the environmental opportunities and constraints of a given site with our client’s needs in order to optimize the project goals.

When applicable, our landscape architects work closely with our civil designers to evaluate the usability of the available outdoor areas and effectively blend our land development work with the natural environment. And our civil engineers assist our landscape architects in designing a variety of effective and functional outdoor spaces, including public parks and campus locations.

  • Site Master Planning
  • Engineering Constraints Analyses
  • Roadway Design, Geometrics, & Structures
  • Institutional Site Design Development
  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial Subdivision Design & Permitting
  • Brownfield’s Redevelopment, Design & Permitting
  • Water & Sewer Utilities
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Lake, Pond, & Park Restoration
  • Construction Administration & Observation

In recent years and especially with the Phase II Rule for MS4s, the design of storm water management facilities has become an increasingly critical factor in obtaining environmental and engineering regulatory approvals for land development projects.

GZA is proficient in the engineering analysis and design of stormwater BMPs necessary to achieve compliance with the NPDES Phase II rule and other applicable stormwater regulations on a local scale. This work is particularly challenging in urbanized communities where land values are high and where alternatives for feasible and prudent stormwater BMPs become limited. Our staff specializes in the design of innovative, state-of-the-art approaches to stormwater management using a wide variety of computer modeling as well as time-tested empirical design techniques.

  • Stormwater Management and BMP Design & Permitting
  • NPDES Phase II Compliance
  • Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Subdivision Design & Permitting
  • Culvert Analysis and Design
Landscape Architecture

GZA’s landscape architects specialize in creating vibrant outdoor spaces where people can connect with nature and community. We design places for kids to play, for neighbors to gather, and for people to relax and recreate. By integrating these opportunities into the built environment, we can enhance the health and well-being of individuals, communities, and ecosystems.

GZA’s landscape architects collaborate on a daily basis with ecologists, engineers, scientists, and permitting specialists, allowing us to provide achievable design solutions on complex sites. As part of GZA’s Design With Nature studio, we contribute creative, human-focused designs to projects that use nature’s tools to build resilience and enhance biodiversity. By working as an interdisciplinary team, we can simultaneously see the big picture and provide the specific details for implementation.

Relationships are central to landscape architecture at GZA. We develop trusting, lasting relationships with our clients through good communication and attention to clients’ needs. We work carefully to ensure our clients’ goals are met, while addressing the needs of the community who will use the space and the ecosystem at each site.

  • Public Parks
  • Master Planning
  • Planting Design
  • Nature-Based Solutions
  • Site Development
  • Stakeholder Outreach
  • Visualizations and Renderings
  • Construction Phase Services
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