We have been involved in solving difficult construction issues since founding the firm in 1964. 

Our construction management services are centered on providing superior services based on our technical expertise through delivery methods that impart true value to our clients.  As a private mid-sized firm, GZA has flexibility in how we contract for services and experience working with a wide range of project delivery methods, including fixed-price, guaranteed maximum price, time and materials, and targeted price scenarios to create a construction management approach best suited to our clients specific needs.  We are experienced at acting as agents for our clients or, in certain cases, assuming greater risk and taking contractual responsibility for the project.


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Regulated Utilities
Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities
Government Agencies
Industrial and Commercial Land Owners
Legal, Institutional and Non-Profits, Real Estate Development,
Demolition & Decommissioning

Demolition and decommissioning requires careful planning and execution.  GZA has extensive experience in construction management through all phases of facility decommissioning and demolition.

GZA provides professional engineering, assessment and support services associated with demolition projects for a variety of clients. We also have the unique experience of managing all aspects of demolition projects, from inception through completion, with a focus on controlling time, cost, safety scope and quality. We utilize our technical diversity, depth of services and management expertise to integrate the different facets of the construction process—planning, assessment, design, procurement, construction and closeout, into a scope of services that fit our clients' needs.

  • Hazardous Building Material Surveys, Regulatory Approvals & Permitting
  • Specifications
  • Procurement
  • Utility Termination & Relocation
  • Phasing & Sequencing
  • Adjacent Property Protection
  • Waste Stream Management
  • Project Administration & Oversight
  • Document Control
  • Cost Control
  • Project Closeout
High Risk Remediation, Specialty, & Clean Construction

GZA’s approach to project management is different than most peer firms.  Through the integration of GZA's strong technical service areas with our dedicated construction management team,  GZA is able to offer a broad range of technical expertise and cost-effective and technically appropriate solutions to meet our clients’ needs during all phases of construction. 

We have the ability to construct projects that span all of the vast technical services we provide as a company.  GZA works with clients to custom tailor solutions and a project delivery approach that not only meets their needs and achieves desired outcomes, but limits the impact to the bottom line and ensures timely completion of their construction projects.

  • Regulatory Approvals & Permitting
  • Specifications
  • Procurement
  • Phasing & Sequencing
  • Waste Stream Management
  • Project Administration & Oversight
  • Cost Control
  • Document Control
  • Project Closeout
Program Management

Clients with multiple sites and facilities that require planning, design, remediation, maintenance or construction services can leverage GZA’s technical expertise and practical experience for their program management needs. 

With more than 50 years of experience, GZA is well positioned to provide integrated and collaborative solutions to meet the program requirements of our clients. Whether managing a large portfolio of geographically dispersed properties or a small group of facilities within a specific region, GZA works collaboratively with our clients to provide solutions to control time, scope, quality and costs and can provide web-based tools to centralize and share information with all stakeholders, allowing clients to focus on their core business.

  • Program Planning & Development
  • Cost Management
  • Administration
  • Schedule Development
  • Maintenance
  • Operations Support
  • Risk Control
Project Management

GZA provides professional project management services and manages construction projects, from project inception to completion, while controlling time, cost, scope and quality. 

We utilize our technical diversity and management expertise to integrate the different facets of the construction process—planning, design, procurement, construction and commissioning—for the purpose of providing standardized technical and management expertise on each project to support capital improvement programs of one or more projects, from inception to completion. GZA offers a qualified team that has the experience to identify issues and resolve conflicts before they become problems, using established procedures and processes that consistently yield excellent results. 

  • Demolition & Decommissioning
  • Specialty Construction
  • High Risk Remediation
Construction Safety

Safety on construction sites, especially those where environmental contamination exists, must be purposely and effectively managed. 

Workers on these sites are exposed to typical construction hazards such as heavy equipment operations and electricity, and have added exposures to chemicals.  GZA retains a safety and industrial hygiene team skilled in managing these hazards.  Our staff consists of OSHA Construction Authorized trainers, Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs) and Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs).

  • OSHA Construction Authorized Trainers
  • Certified Safety Professionals
  • Certified Industrial Hygienists
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