GZA's nearly 60 years of servicing the Energy sector, including energy asset management, has earned us a trusted reputation and a strong, vibrant, and growing presence in the Regulated Utility, Renewable Energy, Nuclear, and Oil & Gas industries today.

Our size and organizational structure provides our clients both strong technical depth and agile responsiveness, which our clients rely on to support their technically challenging and fast-paced projects and programs.


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Delivery & Storage
Emerging Technologies

GZA supports the latest wave of major construction and compliance projects as decarbonization initiatives continue to spur unprecedented investments in the development of renewable energy and energy asset management.

Offshore Wind

GZA provides turnkey waterfront and coastal engineering, design and permitting services tailored to the specific needs of offshore wind development. We have provided geotechnical services for 12 offshore wind farm projects, including Block Island Wind Farm, the first offshore wind farm in the United States.

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Our technical expertise, knowledge of the solar industry and local practices/priorities has provided our clients with helpful insight and technical resources in the planning, permitting and/or design of over 1,000 solar facilities.

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GZA has 55+ years of dam safety engineering on over 1,000 dams combined with in-house hydropower engineering services on 40 kW to 900 MW projects including FERC relicensing, permitting, environmental studies, inspections, design, and construction-phase services. GZA has multiple FERC-Approved Independent Consultants for Part 12 Dam Safety Inspections, and we are currently assisting multiple clients with both Periodic Inspections and Comprehensive Assessments under the updated FERC regulations.


GZA has successfully completed over 120 projects with owners and nuclear engineering firms, providing geotechnical engineering, earthquake engineering, civil engineering, hydrology/hydraulic engineering, geological, Post Fukushima flood hazard reevaluations and environmental services. Our nuclear plant experience and success pursuant to Nuclear Quality Program 10 CFR 50, Appendix B will be valuable as many plants enter decommissioning and investments are made in modern designs for advanced reactor technologies and small modular reactors. 


Demolition and redevelopment of our aging fossil plants provide valuable opportunities to interconnecting renewable resources and constructing modern natural gas-fired units to bridge us to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. Our environmental assessment and remediation professionals can assist in achieving regulatory closure while striving to evaluate remedial alternatives to identify potential cost saving strategies and efficiencies.


GZA’s decades-long experience in the permitting, licensing, design, and monitoring of landfills, combined with our core energy asset management services for pipeline and industrial facilities has proven a valuable combination in assisting our clients in generating renewable biomass energy.


GZA has assisted government agencies, architects, schools/colleges, and developers permit, design, and construct ground-source heat pump systems, and well fields, including logging hundreds of thousands of linear feet of geothermal wells.

  • Nearshore and Offshore Geotechnical and Geophysical Programs
  • Landfill Design and Gas Recovery 
  • Emissions Compliance
  • Fossil Plant Remediation and Beneficial Re-Use
  • MGP Assessment and Remediation 
  • Heavy Lift Port Evaluation and Design
  • Hydropower FERC Licensing & Relicensing 
  • Critical Infrastructure Flood Hazard Evaluation and Modeling
  • Viewshed Analysis
Delivery & Storage

GZA’s multidisciplinary expertise, proactive approach to regulatory agency engagement, and extensive experience in the power sector, from planning through project close-out, helps our utility clients improve regional reliability, safety, and efficiency.

Electric T&D

GZA's exemplary safety record working on over 1,000 miles of electric transmission and distribution (T&D) lines, and over 500 electric substations prove the value of people-based safety.Our geotechnical, ecological, and civil engineering services have assisted gas and electric utility companies, and their engineers and contractors evaluated risk; expedite development; design; construct; maintain; and upgrade their assets to meet continually increasing levels of reliability, resilience, and sustainability.


Moving natural gas to resource-constrained areas requires significant expertise in linear construction and sensitive waterbody and transportation infrastructure crossings. Our engineers and scientists have assisted clients by evaluating, designing, and installing over 100 high pressure natural gas transmission pipeline crossing installations and compressor stations.


We have supported several extensive Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) modernization and upgrades needed to improve the reliance and reliability of fuel supplies, particularly in geographically resource-constrained regions. Our clients have learned to rely on GZA’s breadth of experience remediating former MGP sites and designing waterfront infrastructure to complete these projects safely and efficiently.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Whether stand alone or integrated into a renewable generating facility, like solar or wind, GZA has extensive experience assisting clients in cost-effective solutions to site, permit, design and construct BESS facilities throughout the Northeast.

  • Fieldwork Coordination and Oversight within Energized and Secure Facilities
  • Pipeline and HDD Geotechnical and Geophysical Investigations
  • Intrinsically Safe Automated Deflection / Vibration Instrumentation
  • Spoils Management, Characterization and Disposal
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering
  • Linear Natural Resources Permitting, Mitigation, and Construction Compliance
  • Vegetation Management, Landscape Mitigation Plans, Contractor Monitoring
  • Endangered Species Management Plans
  • Coastal Resilience, Flood Hardening, and Disaster Response 
  • Energy Asset Management
Emerging Technologies

GZA’s multidisciplinary expertise, proactive approach to regulatory agency engagement, and extensive experience in the power sector, from planning through project close-out, assists clients in their continual efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving the reliability of the nation’s electric grid during the ongoing retirement of our previous generation of power plants. 

Electrical Storage

GZA’s responsiveness and experience at dozens of BESS facilities uniquely prepared us to support our Clients’ vast deployment of next generation energy and battery storage facilities. Our deep technical capabilities and understanding of structure and equipment performance needs will prove valuable to meet the needs of battery storage facilities, and other chemical and mechanical storage technologies with increasingly stringent performance requirements.


GZA’s extensive experience at LNG, pipeline, and other critical energy facilities prepares us to support the integration of hydrogen fuel into existing gas infrastructure while new facilities for generating, storing, and delivering hydrogen in various forms are continually being developed.


Conventional biomass technology is quickly expanding into new forms of fuel, thermal, and electricity generation, as well as carbon capture and re-use. GZA’s industrial and energy sector experience and core services provide our Client’s a head start addressing the siting, permitting, land development and construction challenges creating R&D to utility-scale deployment of these unprecedented facilities. 

  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Ecological Services
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Water
  • Construction Management
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