The attorneys we work with appreciate our multi-disciplinary skills coupled with our ability to persuasively communicate and teach complex technical topics to stakeholders and lay audiences.

We work collaboratively as a strategic team member to provide a combination of technical expertise and pragmatic problem-solving experience in developing strategies to help clients achieve their business, dispute, and compliance objectives. We strive to translate and visualize complex technical and regulatory subjects into understandable concepts for non-technical clients, fact finders, and other stakeholders.


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Compliance Analysis
Due Diligence
Technical Support
Technical Support

GZA provides our clients’ in-house or external legal teams with technical support to address compliance, business, and transactional needs concerning federal, state, and local projects. 

GZA’s legal practice draws on company expertise to assist clients with issues surrounding land use and entitlement, emerging contaminants, real estate due diligence, climate change vulnerability analysis, and other regulatory and legal concerns. GZA’s broad base of scientific expertise and project history allows us to issue guidance, assemble reports, and conduct required audits and other due diligence activities.

  • Regulatory Compliance Audits and Permitting
  • RCRA Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs)
  • CERCLA Compliance
  • Environmental and Property Condition Due Diligence 

When our clients are involved in litigation, our experienced practitioners offer crucial support to legal counsel.

GZA assists with mitigating the impact of litigation by offering a suite of scientific and engineering expertise with significant experience navigating the complexity of such matters. Whether a dispute is in mediation or has gone to a trial before the bench or jury, GZA provides consulting and expert witness services, creates exhibits for use in the court, and develops and implements of forensic studies.

  • Forensic Studies
  • Claim Analysis
  • Exposure Dose Reconstruction
  • Visualization and Simulation
  • Expert Testimony
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