GZA recognizes that sustainability is a continuously-evolving challenge that requires both incremental changes and large-scale commitments. Every day, we help our clients find solutions which allow their organizations and the environment to thrive.

We enhance our team of dedicated sustainability specialists by surrounding them with a collection of practitioners, including engineers and scientists, who possess a diverse range of skills. This integrated approach leads to innovative, customized solutions to meet the sustainable development challenges our clients face today and into the future. These solutions have been proven through our project accomplishments with some of the world’s largest businesses, communities, and institutions.


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Buildings and Real Estate Development
Environmental Footprint Reductions

Our clients are moving beyond regulation as they strive to achieve a net zero impact on the environment from their operations.

GZA has successfully implemented and managed initiatives designed to achieve reductions in water consumption, waste generation and landfill disposal, energy consumption, GHG emissions, and air pollution. Through these initiatives, our clients have not only reduced their footprint but also cut costs and generated business opportunities.  We also utilize our data management capabilities to provide our clients with greater automation and access to real-time data.  Our clients are better positioned to manage their resources and identify reduction opportunities sooner.

  • Program Development
  • Facility and Process Water Surveys
  • Energy Modeling and Conservation
  • Waste Management Solutions
  • Air Emissions Analyses
  • Renewable Energy Assessment and Engineering
Climate Change & GHG Emissions Management

Climate change and carbon management are posing ever-growing challenges to businesses and communities. 

Our roots in environmental sustainability stem from our deep experience in assessing and managing GHG emissions. We continue to advance these services by seeking aggressive approaches to further the reduction of GHG emissions, such as value chain assessments and science-based target setting.  As a company, we can combine these accounting and mitigation services with our climate adaptation and resilience services to offer a comprehensive suite of skills to meet the challenges posed by a changing climate.

  • Emissions Inventories and Management Plans
  • Scope 3 Evaluation and Disclosure
  • Science-Based Target Setting
  • Data Management Systems and Analytics
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Third Party Verification Support
  • Climate Adaptation and Resilience
Supply Chain Management

We have earned the trust of leading companies in developing and managing their supply chain sustainability programs.

Since 2010, we have supported outreach to several thousand suppliers with the objective of minimizing supply chain risks and disruption while leveraging opportunities to reduce supply chain impacts. We have designed custom strategies and systems that allow our clients to work with their global supply chains to capitalize on opportunities to minimize their environmental impacts. These approaches have been successful due to our technical knowledge related to energy consumption, water processing, GHG and air emissions, and waste generation. Our specialists routinely leverage this knowledge when engaging directly with suppliers to provide technical assistance, training, and guidance.

  • Supplier Engagement
  • Workshops and Training
  • Strategic Communications
  • CDP Supply Chain Program Management
  • Customized Program Development
Strategy Development

Our clients look toward GZA for strategic assistance in managing short- and long-term sustainability objectives.

GZA understands our clients’ sustainability vision and values. We work diligently to identify cross-functional solutions, leveraging our industry experience to develop strategic action plans addressing environmental initiatives.  Our programs strive to improve your triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) while achieving your sustainability objectives.

  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Corporate Communications
  • Planning and Program Management
  • Policy Evaluation and Support
  • Target Setting and Scenario Planning
Corporate Reporting & Disclosure

GZA has been providing sustainability-related reporting and disclosure support to large, global corporations for over a decade.

Our goal is to position our clients in a leadership position by undertaking detailed assessments, applying our knowledge of standards and programs, and leveraging our ability to effectively communicate. We understand the technicalities of leading disclosure programs and we keep our clients informed as these programs continue to evolve.

  • CDP Disclosure and Gap/Scoring Assessments
  • GRI Sustainability Reporting
  • Mandatory and Voluntary GHG Emissions Reporting
  • Corporate Sustainability Reports
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