Our client’s supply base is a complex network with thousands of global suppliers impacting the environment. On an annual basis, GZA has been asked by our client to engage with several hundred key suppliers on various environmental stewardship issues to better understand how they are addressing climate change, water, waste, and air-related issues.


Suppliers are surveyed annually utilizing the CDP Supply Chain program.  GZA works strategically with these suppliers during the CDP disclosure cycle to assist with data solicitation and collection, strategic engagement and communication with suppliers, technical support and training, as well as targeted outreach to assist suppliers looking to improve their disclosure. Following the disclosure period, GZA summarizes and analyzes supplier responses on our client’s behalf. This facilitates greater transparency on supplier environmental efforts and allows our client to consider the risks and opportunities presented by their suppliers.

GZA has also worked closely with our client to develop a customized program designed to provide suppliers with tools to reduce environmental impacts. Through this program, suppliers are able to record baseline environmental data, set reduction targets, evaluate the impacts of reduction initiatives, and create multi-year plans for improving environmental performance. As part of this program, our client shares best practices with their suppliers to support them in identifying opportunities to reduce waste generation, energy and water use, and GHG and air emissions.


Through GZA’s contributions to their CDP Supply Chain program, our client has achieved a high supplier response rate and improved supplier disclosure performance. This could be partially attributed to GZA’s support in developing customized support and programs, which according to our client, has impacted supply chain operations globally. As a result, suppliers are on track to reduce their environmental impacts.