A hallmark of GZA’s work is our desire to consistently provide our clients with the “best” solution to their technical problems.

We understand and tailor our investigation and remediation services to provide this “best” solution considering and balancing many competing factors including our client's business needs, cost, acceptability to regulators and the community, technical feasibility and implementation risks.


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Buildings and Real Estate
Environmental Site Assessment & Investigation

The depth and breadth of GZA’s in-house resources allow us to consistently provide the expertise and skill necessary to solve the multi-faceted challenges our clients face, whether for a transactional ESA, a state-regulated cleanup effort, or an EPA Superfund investigation.

Investigations are customized to meet each client’s goals, with the ultimate focus being what’s needed to efficiently close out the site under the regulatory options available.

For more complex sites, GZA has the expertise to manage and distill large data sets, evaluate potential human health and ecological risks to assess remedial need, conduct environmental modeling to assess current and potential future conditions under alternative scenarios, and prepare supportive graphics that present the results in a compelling manner.

  • ASTM Phase I and II Assessments
  • Soil, Groundwater, and Soil Vapor Sampling & Analysis
  • Conceptual Site Model Development
  • Contaminant Fate & Transport Modeling
  • Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments
  • Vapor Intrusion Evaluations
  • Brownfields
Site Remediation

The "best" solution to address contamination depends on a myriad of objectives, some of the most important of which are our client's overall business goals.  GZA strives to identify the best solution to meet those objectives.  As such, we maintain no proprietary interest in any technology and have no permanent affiliations with off-site disposal facilities, thus, we are not limited to any one approach.

We recommend the approach that best fits our client’s needs, taking into account relevant technical issues and regulatory requirements for the current and future use of the site. We use a full-range of remedial technologies from the traditional (e.g., excavation and containment remedies) to the more innovative (e.g.. phytoremediation, in-situ thermal treatment).

  • Feasibility Studies and Remedy Selection
  • Remedial Design
  • Remedial Action Implementation
  • Guaranteed Fixed-Price Remediation - Contract to Closure
  • Monitored Natural Attenuation
  • In-Situ Treatment Technologies
  • Ex-Situ Treatment Technologies
PFAS and Other Emerging Contaminants

Because of our deep roots in human health and ecological risk assessments and risk-based cleanups, GZA has been a leader and a voice of reason in helping to prioritize the ongoing efforts to regulate new and different contaminants. We have helped our clients and the regulatory community to better understand the toxicological effect of these chemicals so that the focus can be on those that pose the greatest risk.   

GZA brings our technical, toxicological, innovation, communication and risk management skills and experiences to solve the complexities associated with PFAS, and help our clients and the public to better understand the actual risks associated with these compounds. We are also able to avoid the costs and administrative burden of “false positives” by implementing stringent sampling procedures. As the science continues to emerge, GZA will continue to be at the forefront, informing our clients on changes and implications concerning health, liability and costs and by developing practicable and cost-effective solutions.

  • Health Effects Evaluations
  • "Clean" Sampling Techniques
  • Fate & Transport Modeling
  • Remedial Technologies
Contaminated Sediments

GZA provides a comprehensive range of services related to both contaminated and non-contaminated aquatic and wetland sediments in water bodies ranging from small ponds and creeks, to riverine and coastal shorelines, to ports and harbors. Our services include environmental investigation, feasibility studies, and remedial design at federal and state-regulated sites, as well as sediment management and dredging design for navigation, construction of marine structures, and private or public waterfront development. We also provide construction management as a stand-alone service or as part of a turn-key solution.

Contaminated sediment projects are complex, requiring multi-disciplinary teams to identify potential contaminant sources, to understand contaminant fate and transport, to assess human health and ecological risks, and to develop risk-based remedial designs.  The complexity of sediment projects tap many of GZA's strengths, including our client-focus and our exceptional strategic, communication, and advocacy skills.

  • Sampling and Analysis
  • Fate & Transport Modeling
  • Ecological Risk Assessments
  • Natural Recovery Processes
  • In-Situ Capping Design
  • Dredging design
  • Cost Recovery and Allocation
  • Litigation Support and Forensics
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